Landscaping Adds Value

Hunter Lawn and Landscape takes great pride in landscaping your lawn. Their is no better way to add value and beauty to your lawn which adds total value and curb appeal to your home or office.

Landscaping Service Areas

Hunter Lawn and Landscape primarily services Denton and Lewisville areas. However we are expanding to the entire Dallas Fort Worth area. Feel free to call and find out if we are in your area. If not. We want to be.

Landscaping Service

Landscaping services include but not limited to flower bed installation and maintenance. Tree and shrub removal and installation. Retaining walls, arbors, stone path ways and borders, drainage and erosion control, installing sod and grass seeding, low voltage lighting and so much more. Give us a call to find out more.

Denton Seasonal Flowers and Mulch

Denton landscaping service

Flower Bed Service

Pop those flowerbeds with fresh flowers spring and fall for that amazing curb appeal. All flowers fed with slow release fertilizer and are fed thru-out season for continuous growth and vigor. Includes..annual flowers delivery and installed with starter fertilizer.

$25.50 for one flat of 18 plants


Mulch is another cost effective way to add curb appeal to those beds..we use hardwood bark mulch for the organic nature in which it breaks down into soil. Mulch has many qualities, applied thick at 2-3 inches deep, it will maintain soil temperatures and protect from the weather, it also helps rid out weeds from invading the beds by smothering out the sun light needed for most weeds to grow, not to mention as it breaks down into soil. It is organic and helps the soil by adding nutrients.

"Denton Flower Beds and Shrub Services"