Hunter Lawn & Landscape Policies

Mowing Season

Our mowing season is from March 1st to December. You can call us anytime during the off season, anything after that is "will call" and will be based on an hourly rate per man hour for off season work.

Yard Access

Your gate must be unlocked for the full day of your regular scheduled service. If you prefer to not unlock your gate, we recommend you use a combo lock and please provide us with combination so we can service your back yard. We can provide you with a combo if you choose at NO CHARGE.

Pets/ Yard debris

We appreciate you letting us know if you have any dogs that stay outside or have a doggy door to get outside. We prefer your dogs be in the house on your scheduled service day and any doggy doors shut. We enter your gate several times each visit and cannot guarantee your dog will not escape. Please pick up any toys and such on your scheduled day as well, as for we may not see something in your lawn and do not want to do any damage to your home or ourselves.

Rain delays/ holidays

We will always come out on your scheduled service day unless it is a holiday or heavy rain that prevents us from coming. We do mow in light rain and when rain subsides. If we skip a mow day, you will be scheduled on the next dry day or after holiday. We will contact you to let you know if there has been a change to your regular scheduled day.

Skips or Cancellations

If for any reason you need to re-schedule or skip a service, please call or email us 24 hours in advance at After your re-schedule or skip, your service will picked back up on your next regular scheduled service. Our routes are printed in advance, and this will help eliminate us from performing a service when you didn't want one. We hope we build long lasting relationships, but we do understand that sometimes customers leave for various reasons. If you could email us 24 hours in advance for a cancellation, that would be greatly appreciated and eliminate us showing up and performing a service.


We require a credit/debit card to be placed on file with us for billing. We process cards after each service and can email you a receipt if you request for each service.


Hunter Lawn is not responsible for any sprinkler head that is not working correctly and not retracting into ground properly and or was not installed correctly and is sticking above lawn .