Want a Weed Free Lawn?

Hunter Lawn and Landscape takes great pride in maintaining lush green lawns. "Do you want a yard of the month lawn?" We can help you get it. Yard of the month is not your concern? Just want a weed free easy to manage lawn? Hunter Lawn and Landscape will take control of your unruly lawn and in time bring out its natural beauty again.

Taking Control of your Lawn

Pre-Emergent, Post-Emergent and fertilizing is how we help you take control of your lawn. The idea is to eliminate nutrients robbing weeds from your lawn while feeding wanted grass which allows spreading grass to spread and gives seeded grass room to grow in place of weeds.

Maintaning Your New Lawn

Maintaining a lush green lawn comes with weekly inspections to ensure propper nutrients, watering, cut height etc. It is best to let the professionals cut and maintain weed control and nutrients on your lawn and even better if maintained by the same specialists. Our lawn specialists inspect and adjust your lawn regimen on the fly as needed on every visit. Our lawn mowing techs are trained to spot problems and prompt our nutrients team to the spot for immediate diagnosis and recovery treatment.

Denton Weed Control and Lawn Service

Denton weed control and fertilizing service

What's included in our Lawn Care Program!

Two Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent treatments before spring for Control of winter annuals and Crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.

Four granular turf fertilizing applications to ( Feed the Lawn ) with Weed control throughout the late spring and summer season.

Two fall Pre-Emergent's to control winter annuals and broadleaf weeds.

Additionally, insect and disease control are monitored on each visit and If there is any issues, we will notify you on options on how to correct the issue.

Superior Quality Lawn Care for Denton, Argyle, Justin and surrounding areas!

"Denton Weed Control and Lawn Service"